Managing Research & Development

Research & Development (R&D) processes are often seen as an art rather than a science. Effective management of R&D projects, keeping to budgets, timeframes and outcomes, is a skill that can be learnt. When multiple projects and portfolios are involved, the management techniques become more complex.

Creating effective R&D strategies requires skill and experience in identifying what the real problems are and the resources that will be needed to solve them.

Developing and commercialising new products involves more than R&D. The business skills needed to take a good idea through to successful product are not common.

We can help you with:

  • Strategic planning of Research, Development and Commercialisation
  • R&D portfolio management
  • Leading and managing R&D projects – multidisciplinary teams are our forte
  • Developing R&D investment proposals
  • Preparing R&D project plans
  • Training staff in R&D project planning and management
  • Commercialisation of new products
  • Intellectual property strategies

Our team has considerable experience in the management of R&D projects and portfolios. Projects have spanned most of the science and engineering disciplines across a range of industries, with extensive experience in the biological industries. You can access all that experience and make it work for you, allowing your company to do what it does best.

Our extensive experience in product development and the management of product development teams make us the ideal partners to support your company, train your staff or help find people who can develop the product for you.