Creating Value from Data

Many companies have extensive financial and non-financial data that could significantly improve their decision-making – if it was better utilised. Mark Loeffen & Associates specialise in assisting companies to develop solid decision support systems based on data they already own. Systems we have developed have been commercially used for several years.

Our methodology loosely follows the data, information, knowledge and wisdom (DIKW) hierarchy. Our focus is always on supporting the decision-making process and delivering commercial value.

We have broad experience in applying analytical techniques across a range of applications, including financial and non-financial data.

Over the past fifteen years we have developed extensive expertise analysing complex data generated by primary sector businesses and turning it into to easily understood and actionable metrics - e.g. temperature performance during cool storage or shipping. We can interpret data collected from any part of the supply chain.

By using business analytics we can help you:

  • Make better decisions, based on solid information
  • Achieve real commercial outcomes
  • More easily track trends, strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve planning and forecasting