Andrew Harty
Market Development General Manager , Citrus Australia

Mark Loeffen & Associates were able to analyse our mandarin and navel orange evaluation work quite quickly. They provided us with a very clear, easy to understand curve of acceptance graph for each of those crops that linked the consumer like and repurchase data responses to the BrimA scale that we have adopted as our new industry standard. They’ve got an excellent understanding of fruit variability and how that can relate to the range of responses you get in a consumer pattern. There are probably not many people in the world that would have that skill and expertise... The robustness of MLA’s analysis has given us a lot of confidence that we have tapped into the real consumer demand for quality in our industry. 

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Dr David Tanner
General Manager - Quality & Innovation, Zespri International Limited

Mark Loeffen & Associates have played a key role in several projects that have provided significant value for Zespri and the New Zealand Kiwifruit Industry. For example, the work Mark and his colleagues carried out on the colour development and maturity clearance of ZESPRI GOLD has enabled the fruit to be harvested with a higher probability of meeting the customer’s needs in the market. Mark’s approach to the research and development of customised tools and new technologies has always been focused on ‘meeting industry needs’ and ‘finishing the job’. Mark has a great ability to utilise business analytics and high level scientific tools to solve problems, while at the same time delivering the learnings from them in a way that does not confuse or complicate the needs of industry. 

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Magnus Wahlgren
Manager Technical Development, Nortura – Produksjon, Oslo, Norway

Mark Loeffen & Associates researched and prepared a technical review (white paper) for us to document the techniques that had been tested for shearing the wool of live lambs. Our ultimate objective, which we have since achieved, was to improve animal welfare by developing a new line shearing process to remove the wool from the animals after they are slaughtered. Mark's report provided a solid starting point to help us develop the new process by showing us what had already been done and what had not been done. We engaged Mark to carry out the technical review as he was a recognised world expert in this field. We found him to be very knowledgeable and a very good person to work with. If he says he will do something he will do it and you know he will always perform a very good job.

Dr Lewis Atkinson
Manager Knowledge & Program Improvement, Meat and Livestock Australia Ltd

Mark Loeffen has assisted Meat and Livestock Australia over the past 15 years in three main areas:

  1. Support for the industry business and commercialisation services provided by Meat and Livestock Australia – Mark has shown capability to understand the commercial value of new technology and innovation in the Australian red meat industry. He has assisted us in documentation material transfer packages to enable the execution of successful licensing agreements.
  2. Support for evaluation of the returns from industry programme investments – Mark has assisted us with industry surveys and discussions with key stakeholders and end users of our research outcomes in order to assess the value of benefits and impacts arising from these investments.
  3. Technical analysis – Mark’s strong professional engineering background has enabled him to make an important contribution to key technical programmes that delivered viable solutions to industry problems.